The negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy (NV¯) center in diamond is a model quantum system for
university teaching labs due to its room-temperature compatibility and cost-effective operation. Based on
the low-cost experimental setup that we have developed and described for the coherent control of the
electronic spin [Sewani et al., Am. J. Phys. 88, 1156–1169 (2020)], we introduce and explain here a
number of more advanced experiments that probe the electron–nuclear interaction between the NV¯
electronic and the 14N and 13C nuclear spins. Optically detected magnetic resonance, Rabi oscillations,
Ramsey fringe experiments, and Hahn echo sequences are implemented to demonstrate how the nuclear
spins interact with the electron spins. Most experiments only require 15min of measurement time and,
therefore, can be completed within one teaching lab.