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13/05/2022Quantum advantage possible in new approach to quantum sampling algorithm

Could there be a quantum advantage scheme similar to Boson Sampling using fermionic gates? CQC2T PhD student Mauro Morales' research shows quantum advantage based on fermionic gates can be realised.

26/04/2022ANU random numbers go global

ANU launches world's most popular online random number generator powering research simulations and gaming, and inspiring artists' works and children's names on Amazon Web Services' marketplace.

13/04/2022Quantum teleportation: The express lane for quantum data traffic

Teleportation may be a concept usually reserved for science fiction, but researchers from CQC2T have demonstrated that it can be used to avoid loss in communication channels on the quantum level.

01/02/2022Prof. Howard Wiseman awarded the 2021 Walter Boas Medal

Congratulations to CQC²T Chief Investigator Professor Howard Wiseman from Griffith University, who was awarded the Australian Institute of Physics 2021 Walter Boas Medal.

20/01/2022Quantum computing in silicon hits 99 per cent accuracy

CQC2T Chief Investigator Prof. Andrea Morello's team at UNSW Sydney led research that paves the way for large silicon-based quantum processors for real-world manufacturing and application.

13/01/2022Atom by atom: new silicon computer chip technique opens up quantum computing construction possibilities

Quantum computers could be constructed cheaply and reliably using a new technique perfected by a CQC2T-led team that embeds single atoms in silicon wafers, one-by-one.

03/12/2021Dr Nora Tischler awarded ARC 2022 DECRA

Dr Tischler will lead a $433,182 DECRA project to advance quantum networking and computation to produce key resources for the quantum internet of the future.

15/11/2021Prof. Andrea Morello receives the 2021 AIP NSW award for Community Outreach to Physics

Quantum physicist and #scicomm advocate Professor Andrea Morello UNSW has been awarded the 2021 AIP NSW award for Community Outreach to Physics.

09/11/2021Researchers disentangle quantum machine learning

Researchers, including CQC²T Research Fellow Dr Maria Kieferova, have discovered an important barrier that prevents quantum machine learning from being trained – too much quantum entanglement.

01/11/2021A highly efficient transparent microwave resonator for optical quantum experiments at cryogenic temperatures

UNSW research shows KTaO3 dielectric resonators are a promising platform for the delivery of microwave fields for the control of spins in various materials at cryogenic temperatures.

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