Multiplexed Quantum Random Number Generation


B Haylock, D Peace, F Lenzini, C Weedbrook, M Lobino

Quantum, 3, 141 (2019)

Multiplexed Quantum Random Number Generation

Fast secure random number generation is essential for high-speed encrypted communication, and is the backbone of information security. Generation of truly random numbers depends on the intrinsic randomness of the process used and is usually limited by electronic bandwidth and signal processing data rates. Here we use a multiplexing scheme to create a fast quantum random number generator structurally tailored to encryption for distributed computing, and high bit-rate data transfer. We use vacuum fluctuations measured by seven homodyne detectors as quantum randomness sources, multiplexed using a single integrated optical device. We obtain a real-time random number generation rate of 3.08 Gbit/s, from only 27.5 MHz of sampled detector bandwidth. Furthermore, we take advantage of the multiplexed nature of our system to demonstrate an unseeded strong extractor with a generation rate of 26 Mbit/s.

University: Griffith University

Authors Centre Participants: Mr. Benjamin Haylock, Mr. Daniel Peace, A. Prof. Mirko Lobino, D, Lenzini, F, Weedbrook

Source: Other

Publication Type: Refereed Journal article

DOI Link: DOI Link

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