Modeling for Non-Markovian Quantum Systems


S Xue , T Nguyen, MR James, A Shabani, V Ugrinovskii , IR Petersen

IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 1 (2019)

Modeling for Non-Markovian Quantum Systems

This brief presents an augmented Markovian system framework that can be applied to model non-Markovian quantum systems. In this augmented system model, ancillary systems are designed to play the role of internal modes of the non-Markovian environment converting white noise to colored noise. To capture the non-classical mutual influence between a quantum system and non-Markovian environments, direct interactions between a principal system and the ancillary system are introduced. Consequently, we showed that the augmented Markovian formulation can be used to theoretically model the environment for observed non-Markovian behavior in a recent experiment on quantum dots.

University: Australian National University

Authors Centre Participants: Prof. Matthew R. James

Source: Other

Publication Type: Refereed Journal article

DOI Link: DOI Link

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