The University of Melbourne houses several laboratories employed in the Centre programs.

Two major ion beam laboratories are used for materials modification and analysis.  The directed ion implantation laboratory is located within the cleanroom complex and comprises a specialized Colutron ion implanter for implanting near-surface ions in silicon and other materials.  This implanter was upgraded in early 2019 with a customized atomic force microscope that incorporates a nanostencil scanner and the deterministic ion implantation system developed to direct single ions into large scale arrays. This facility is also used to implant small clusters of P and other ions used to explore the physics of single qubits in isotopically enriched 28Si as part of the top-down strategy for donors in silicon.  The University Melbourne Node also houses a NEC 5U Pelletron Accelerator in the Microanalytical Research Laboratory that is used to perform ion beam modification and analysis.  Applications include the study of the lattice location of implanted donor atoms in silicon with the ion channeling method and high precision analysis of the on-chip detector devices developed for the deterministic ion implantation technique.

The quantum sensing laboratory was established in 2010 and hosts custom-built confocal microscopes as well as wide-field microscopes, dedicated to quantum sensing and imaging based on spin defects in diamond. All microscopes are equipped with green excitation lasers, single photon counting detectors (Excelitas) or sCMOS CCD cameras (Andor), microwave generators, static magnetic field alignment stages, and advanced electronic instrumentation for quantum control and time-resolved measurements.

Other laboratories provide Raman spectroscopy, optical and electron beam lithography, electrical characterization, a low temperature measurement facility incorporating a closed-cycle, cryogen-free dilution refrigerator from Leiden Cryogenics and a laboratory for chemical vapour deposition of diamond.


The chemical vapour deposition system


The Centre’s cleanrooms based at the University of Melbourne, comprise a dual class (350/3500) change-room (23m2), services area (32m2), wet chemical processing (40m2), scanning electron microscopy (SEM)/ focused ion beam (FIB) laboratory (19m2), general measurement area (41m2), advanced spectroscopy (27m2) and Ion Implantation facility (23m2). The cleanroom is equipped with two turbulently ventilated (HEPA) fume-cupboards, chemical storage and decontamination stations.