Integrated Silicon Nano-Spintronics Program

The Integrated Silicon Nano-Spintronics Program is led by Prof Andrew Dzurak. Based within the School of Electrical Engineering at UNSW Sydney, the Program provides the Centre with engineering design, modelling and nanofabrication of fully-configured silicon spin qubits, constructed using top-down nanofabrication. The Program makes extensive use of the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) at UNSW Sydney, of which Prof Dzurak is Director, and works closely with the Scale-Up Engineering Program, led by Dr Arne Laucht at UNSW Sydney, the Directed Ion Implantation Program, led by Prof Jamieson at The University of Melbourne, and the Silicon Quantum Hardware program at UNSW Sydney, led by Prof Morello.


Our development of Silicon-MOS single electron transistor technology has been crucial to the development of the Centre's ion-implanted 31P spin qubit architecture. See some of the key milestones in the development of a silicon quantum computer.


Prof. Andrew  S. Dzurak

Prof. Andrew S. Dzurak

Executive Team, Program Manager UNSW Sydney
Dr. Fay E. Hudson

Dr. Fay E. Hudson

UNSW Sydney
Mr. Ross  Leon

Mr. Ross Leon

UNSW Sydney
Dr. Tuomo  Tanttu

Dr. Tuomo Tanttu

UNSW Sydney
Mr. Wister  Huang

Mr. Wister Huang

UNSW Sydney

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