Integrated Quantum Photonics Program

Scalability and integration are key factors for the realisation of practical quantum technologies. The Integrated Quantum Photonics Program, led by A.Prof. Mirko Lobino from Griffith University, will develop these concepts in quantum optics by realising the technological infrastructure for large scale integrated optical devices with a computational complexity to outperform current classical computers. This program will implemented integrated quantum photonics circuits and high efficiency single photon detectors to develop fast, reconfigurable waveguide networks, integrated sources of non-classical light such as single photons and cluster states and high efficiency waveguide detectors.


Watch researchers from Griffith University discuss their cutting-edge research covering a range of topics from ultrafast quantum processes, quantum information processing and quantum foundations.


A. Prof. Mirko  Lobino

A. Prof. Mirko Lobino

Work Package Leader, Program Manager Griffith University
Mr. Benjamin  Haylock

Mr. Benjamin Haylock

Griffith University
Mr. Daniel  Peace

Mr. Daniel Peace

Griffith University
Mr. Matteo  Villa

Mr. Matteo Villa

Griffith University
Mr. Paul  Fisher

Mr. Paul Fisher

Griffith University

Featured publications

Multiplexed Quantum Random Number Generation B Haylock, D Peace, F Lenzini, C Weedbrook, M Lobino Quantum, 3, 141 (2019)
Integrated photonic platform for quantum information with continuous variables F Lenzini, J Janousek, O Thearle, M Villa, B Haylock, S Kasture, L Cui, H Phan, D Viet, H Yonezawa, PK Lam, EH Huntington, M Lobino Science Advances, 4, eaat9331 (2018)
Direct characterization of a nonlinear photonic circuit’s wave function with laser light F Lenzini, AN Poddubny, J Titchener, P Fisher, A Boes, S Kasture, B Haylock, M Villa, A Mitchell, AS Solntsev, AA Sukhorukov, M Lobino Light Science and Applications, 17, 17143 (2018)