Integrated Quantum Networks and Control Program

Coherent control is a promising approach to create a novel quantum device/architecture which has distinctive features from the existing device. This program aims to develop a repeatable and scalable device based on a coherent feedback control, and develop innovative engineering design method to create quantum network. In particular, this program will develop devices and methodologies for continuous variable quantum optics such as creation of high level and pure squeezed states, large-scale cluster state etc. This program will run in close collaborations with A/Prof Lobino (Griffith) and Dr Peruzzo (RMIT) and many other CIs and PIs in the Centre.


Insights and the latest research from the Integrated Quantum Networks and Control Program and CQC2T Teams at UNSW Canberra, ANU and collaborating partners.


Prof. Elanor H. Huntington

Prof. Elanor H. Huntington

Program Manager Australian National University
Dr. Hidehiro  Yonezawa

Dr. Hidehiro Yonezawa

Program Manager UNSW Sydney
Mr. Biveen  Shajilal

Mr. Biveen Shajilal

Australian National University
Dr. Jiri  Janousek

Dr. Jiri Janousek

Australian National University
Dr. Shota  Yokoyama

Dr. Shota Yokoyama

UNSW Sydney
Dr. Trevor  Wheatley

Dr. Trevor Wheatley

UNSW Sydney
Ms. Yanan  Liu

Ms. Yanan Liu

UNSW Sydney
Mr. Yuanlong  Wang

Mr. Yuanlong Wang

UNSW Sydney

Featured publications

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Quantum gate identification: Error analysis, numerical results and optical experiment YL Wang, Q Yin, DY Dong, B Qi, IR Petersen, ZB Hou, H Yonezawa, GY Xiang Automatica, 101, 269 (2019)
Efficient identification of unitary quantum processes Y Wang, Q Yin, D Dong, B Qi, IR Petersen, Z Hou, H Yonezawa, G Xiang 2017 Australian and New Zealand Control Conference (ANZCC) (2018)
Generation of Schrödinger’s cat state in an optical double sideband mode T Serikawa, J Yoshikawa, H Yonezawa, TC Ralph, EH Huntington, A Furusawa CLEO: QELS_Fundamental Science (2018)
Integrated photonic platform for quantum information with continuous variables F Lenzini, J Janousek, O Thearle, M Villa, B Haylock, S Kasture, L Cui, H Phan, D Viet, H Yonezawa, PK Lam, EH Huntington, M Lobino Science Advances, 4, eaat9331 (2018)
Low-Latency Digital Feedforward for Universal Continuous-Variable Quantum Computation in Time Domain A Sakaguchi, H Ogawa, M Kobayashi, S Suzuki, H Yonezawa, E Huntington, S Takeda, J Yoshikawa, A Furusawa Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, FTu4G.3 (2018)