The Integrated Quantum Networks and Control Program, led by Dr Hidehiro Yonezawa, based at UNSW Canberra, aims to demonstrate a new paradigm for implementing intrinsically stable and controllable quantum devices using quantum control. An objective of this program is to develop a repeatable and scalable waveguide device based on a coherent control, and develop innovative engineering design method to create a quantum network. This program also aims to develop practical quantum control protocols and continuous variable quantum technologies based on squeezed states and entanglement.


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Time-Domain-Multiplexed Measurement-Based Quantum Operations with 25-MHz Clock Frequency W Asavanant, , B Charoensombutamon, S Yokoyama, T Ebihara, RN Alexander, M Endo, JI Yoshikawa, NC Menicucci, H Yonezawa, A Furusawa Physical Review Applied, 16, 034005 (2021)
Fault-tolerant Coherent H_infinity Control for Linear Quantum Systems Y Liu, D Dong, IR Petersen; Q Gao; SX Ding, S Yokoyama, H Yonezawa IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (2021)
Tunable unidirectional nonlinear emission from transition-metal-dichalcogenide metasurfaces M Nauman, JS Yan, D de Ceglia, M Rahmani, KZ Kamali, C De Angelis, AE Miroshnichenko, YR Lu, DN Neshev Nature Communications, 12, 5597 (2021)
A High-Efficiency Wavelength-Tunable Monolayer LED with Hybrid Continuous-Pulsed Injection Y Zhu, BW Wang, ZY Li, J Zhang, YL Tang, JF Torres, W Lipin'ski, L Fu, YR Lu Advanced Materials, 33, 2101375 (2021)
Two-step feedback preparation of entanglement for qubit systems with time delay YN Liu, DY Dong, S Kuang, IR Petersen, H Yonezawa Automatica, 125, 109174 (2021)