The Integrated Optical Platform research at CQC²T focuses on the integration and scalability of quantum optics. The goal of this research is to realize the technological infrastructure for large scale integrated optical devices with a computational complexity to outperform current classical computers.

With our technology we developing devices for the generation of nonclassical state of light, such as single photons and squeezed vacuum, their manipulation, and detection all on a single chip. The key element of such devices is the optical waveguide, a channel that guides light through the optical chip.

Waveguides can be fabricated using different processes and materials. Within CQC²T we are developing an integrated optical quantum computing platform based on a material called lithium niobate (LN). As a leading material in the photonics industry, LN has several important properties that make it attractive for realising quantum computing applications, including low propagation losses, high nonlinearity, and fast electro-optical reconfigurability.

One of the main goals of our research on this platform is to realise measurement-based quantum computation using continuous variables.


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Featured Publications

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An ab initio effective solid-state photoluminescence by frequency constraint of cluster calculation A Karim, I Lyskov, SP Russo, A Peruzzo Journal of Applied Physics, 128, 233102 (2020)
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High coupling efficiency grating couplers on lithium niobate on insulator I Krasnokutska, RJ Chapman, JLJ Tambasco, A Peruzzo
Optics Express, 27, 17681 (2019)
Nanostructuring of LNOI for efficient edge coupling I Krasnokutska, JLJ Tambasco, A Peruzzo Optics Express, 27, 16578 (2019)
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Continuous variable quantum optics on chip

September 20, 2021

Classical characterization of quantum optical devices at Griffith Uni

September 20, 2021

AIP Seminar: Go big or go home: scaling up quantum computing with optical continuous-variable systems – A/Prof Menicucci

September 20, 2021