Highlights from the 2019 AQIS Conference


University: Griffith University

Authors Centre Participants: Prof. Howard M. Wiseman, Prof. Michelle Y. Simmons AO

Other Source: AQIS2019

Cutting edge quantum information research from Asia and around the world was on show at the 2019 Asian Quantum Information Science conference in August in Seoul, Korea in August. For this, the 19th conference in this series, the scientific Program was organised by PC Chair Prof. Howard Wiseman, one of CQC²T’s program managers.

It opened with fascinating tutorials on quantum embezzlement and quantum machine learning from Debbie Leung and Nathan Wiebe respectively. The invited talks highlighted new developments in quantum causation, blind quantum computing protocols, quantum simulation, and quantum computing technology in multiple platforms. These included ion traps, superconducting circuits, linear optics, and P-in-Si, the last being presented by Prof. Michelle Simmons.

“A personal highlight for me was a talk by my former CQC2T PhD student, Andy Chia, now a postdoc at National University of Singapore [a CQC2T Partner
organisation] overturning the previously accepted theory of how quantum amplifiers must work.” said Prof. Wiseman.

An overview of the Invited Talks and Poster topics are available on the website at