Future Skills

Supporting the Skills of the Future

With the rapid advancements in technology – including quantum computing – students and employees need to prepare for a new set of skills that will be required in the very near future. Skills that will drive innovation and digital transformation.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects are at the centre of this change, and a key focus for education in Australia. With the Australian Government providing significant funding to support a range of education projects to improve STEM outcomes for school students.

The team at CQC²T, led by Prof Michelle Simmons, understand just how important STEM skills are – with physicists and engineers working together with the goal of developing the first quantum computer.

Coding is Key

Coding is a great introduction to STEM and there are many online courses and resources available to get started. For more information on coding courses and online resources see below.

Coding resources:

Professor Simmons, Eddie Woo and the Simmons class at the 2018 CQC2T Open Day at UNSW Sydney


The Sydney Quantum Academy:

In 2019 the NSW government announced support for the establishment of a new Sydney Quantum Academy with $15.4 million in funding, bringing together four leading universities in NSW.

The Sydney Quantum Academy is the initiative of Macquarie University, UNSW Sydney, the University of Sydney and University of Technology Sydney. It will help train the next generation of engineers and scientists in quantum computing, cementing Sydney’s place as the leading global city for quantum technology and ensuring NSW is a world centre for jobs in the emerging quantum economy.

The Sydney Quantum Academy will develop the industry, attract talent and investment in Australia and internationally, and promote an understanding about quantum computing, simulation and software for local and global companies that want to use these emergent technologies.

The Academy will:
• encourage students to collaborate and train across the four universities
• directly link students to industry through internships and research
• support the development of quantum technology businesses
• promote Sydney as a global leader in quantum computing.

Read more about the Sydney Quantum Academy.