Feasibility study of a coherent feedback squeezer


S Yokoyama, D Peace, W Asavanant, W, T Tajiri, B Haylock, M Ghadimi, M Lobino, EH Huntington, H Yonezawa

Physical Review A, 101, 033802 (2020)

Feasibility study of a coherent feedback squeezer

We investigate a coherent feedback squeezer that uses quantum coherent feedback (measurement-free) control. Our squeezer is simple, easy to implement, robust to the gain fluctuation, and broadband compared to the existing squeezers because of the negative coherent feedback configuration. We conduct a feasibility study that looks at the stability conditions for a feedback system to optimize the designs of real optical devices. The feasibility study gives fabrication tolerance necessary for designing and realizing the actual device. Our formalism for the stability analysis is not limited to optical systems but can be applied to the other bosonic systems.

University: Australian National University, UNSW Sydney

Authors Centre Participants: Dr. Shota Yokoyama, Mr. Daniel Peace, Mr. Benjamin Haylock, A. Prof. Mirko Lobino, Prof. Elanor H. Huntington, Dr. Hidehiro Yonezawa

Source: Physical Review A

Publication Type: Refereed Journal article

DOI Link: DOI Link

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