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CQC2T Seminar (UNSW Sydney): Charge detection mechanism study of single erbium ion in a silicon transistor by pulsed light

Speaker –  Mr Guongchong Hu, UNSW Sydney:

Here we would report the charge detection mechanism of a single erbium ion in a silicon transistor by pulsed light. Erbium atoms were implanted in a silicon transistor and then the device was cooled down to 4K. In the continuous wavelength scan, we saw a binary signal when the erbium ion is on resonant, and in the time traces for the on resonant wavelength, we saw a RTS type signal vs time. Based on this feature, instead of using continuous wavelength scan, we utilised Dark-OnRes-Dark-Reset pulse sequences to excite the erbium ion. By the pulsing method, we studied the line width of erbium in silicon transistor, and a 30MHz actual line width was achieved while the line width was 120MHz or so in continuous wavelength scan

Speaker: Mr Guongchong Hu

Mr Guongchong Hu

Date: May 9, 2019 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Venue: Room G59, Old Main Building, UNSW Kensington Campus NSW Australia