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CQC²T represents one of the world’s largest teams working to create a large-scale quantum computer and secure communication systems.

Headquartered at UNSW Sydney, CQC²T employs more than 200 researchers from seven of Australia’s leading research institutions including The University of Melbourne, Griffith University, Australian National University, The University of Queensland, RMIT University and the University of Technology Sydney.

CQC²T has 24 international partners, including formal relationships with Commonwealth Bank, Defence Science and Technology Group, IMEC, NASA, Quintessence Labs, Scienta Omicron and Zyvex Laboratories as well as leading University groups at University of Bristol, University of Cambridge, Free University of Berlin, University of Mainz, Max‐Planck Institute for Science of Light, NII Japan, University of Otago, University of Oxford, University of Paris 6, University of Paderborn, Purdue University, University of Sherbrooke, National University of Singapore, University of Tokyo, University of Virginia, University of Waterloo and University of Wisconsin‐Madison.

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