Courses and Resources for a Career in Quantum Computing

There are many different pathways to a career in quantum computing and quantum communication technologies, with a wide range of courses available. The key is to go through the pathway that suits you the most.

You can complete an undergraduate degree in science – quantum or atomic physics, maths, computer science – and /or engineering and sign up to quantum computing subjects or courses.

Get started early – study science at school, advanced maths, computer science and get into coding.

Our team of researchers at CQC²T have pulled together some recommended courses and resources to help get you started and give you some insights into a career in quantum computing.

Undergraduate study:

Below are the undergraduate degrees and recommended courses that can start your journey:

  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) – Physics, Maths, Applied Science, Advanced Science
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) – Electrical, Software, Telecommunications or related
  • Bachelor of Science / Engineering – Nanotechnology  / Quantum Technology
  • Quantum Computing subjects or courses including programming, quantum information science
  • Honours courses

Postgraduate study:

Universities across Australia are investing in a range of postgraduate courses in quantum technologies. Here are some of the courses from our CQC²T partners:

Quantum Computing Resources

If you want to learn more about quantum computing, there are many online resources, books and programs available. Here are some that our team recommended.

CQC2T Recommendations: Books & Courses

Meet some of our CQC²T researchers – Professor Michael Bremner from UTS, Dr Nora Tischler from Griffith University and PhD student Mr Matthew Winnel from the University of Queensland.

We asked them to answer some frequently asked questions about quantum computing including – What is a qubit, which books do they recommend reading on quantum computing and what should you study to kick off your career in quantum computing technologies.

If you have a question on quantum computing research, send us an email:

Online videos and tutorials

Our CQC²T researchers have created a series of videos explaining quantum computing concepts and tutorials that provide an overview on the different platforms and areas of quantum computing research.

Watch Professor Andrea Morello’s web series on Quantum Computing Concepts and The Quantum Around You, Introduction to Physics Lectures from Professor David Jamieson, and the latest tutorials and physics concept explainers from researchers across CQC²T.

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Experiment with Quantum Computers

If you want some hands-on experience with quantum computers you can access cloud based simulators and programs to test your programming skills.

Girls in Engineering Club

The UNSW Girls in Engineering Club is a fun, inspiring community for high school girls interested in a career in engineering.

The program provides opportunities to explore the diverse fields of engineering where you can connect and share ideas with fellow high school girls. You’ll hear from inspiring role models such as UNSW Engineering students and female engineers who are already making their mark on the world.

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Sydney Quantum Academy (SQA) Training and Programs

The Sydney Quantum Academy is a unique partnership between four world-leading universities – Macquarie University, UNSW Sydney, the University of Sydney and University of Technology Sydney, supported by the New South Wales Government. Collaborating with academia, industry and government, SQA harnesses Sydney’s collective quantum expertise to develop diverse talent and a globally recognised quantum ecosystem.

Sydney Quantum Academy with their partner universities offer a range of training and funding opportunities including PhD programs, undergraduate programs, high school programs and internships.

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