Vice-Chancellors Senior Research Fellow, RMIT University
PhD (Bristol)

Associate Professor Peruzzo is in the School of Engineering at RMIT University. After an early industrial career spanning 3 years working in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, he received his Master degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Padova. During his PhD and as a research fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering at the University of Bristol, he pioneered the field of Integrated Quantum Photonics, demonstrating several of the future building blocks of the photonic quantum computer. He has initiated the studies of photonic quantum simulators, leading to publications in high-profile journals and receiving several invitations to international conferences and workshops. He has received a 110/110 cum laude distinction for his Master’s thesis and the Faculty of Science Commendation of Excellence for his PhD thesis. In 2010 he was invited Visiting Scholar at Macquarie University.

Alberto’s research includes the implementation of new machine learning techniques to improve the performance of quantum tomography, the demonstration of multi-particle quantum walks in integrated photonics, the development of the first quantum photonic chip capable of generating any state of two photonic qubits, with any degree of entanglement; and any state of a single photonic qubit, with any degree of mixture, the first quantum version for Wheeler’s delayed choice experiment, and the first variational quantum algorithm for solving the eigenvalue problem on a quantum computer.

2019: Google Faculty Research Award
2017: Gold medal for the 2017 “Humies” Awards at the Gecco conference
2015: RMIT University Vice Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellowship
2014: ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award
2013: University of Sydney DVC Research Fellowship
2012: Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship (UK)
2012: Faculty of Science Commendation of Excellence for PhD thesis, University of Bristol