The Directed Ion Implantation Program develops processes for top-down directed precision placement of single atoms into silicon devices by ion implantation. Our technique offers a fast-track to arrays of donor qubits for devices in silicon that is compatible with the standard tools of the semiconductor industry. Led by Professor David Jamieson, based at the University of Melbourne, the research focuses on the development of a process-flow of compatible techniques that can produce scaled-up devices of many donor qubits. The Program provides ion implantation for other Centre programs including: Integrated Silicon Nano-Spintronics, Silicon Quantum Hardware, Silicon Qubit Environment and Interface, Quantum Processor Development and Photonic Quantum Processor.

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Near-Surface Electrical Characterisation of Silicon Electronic Devices Using Focused keV-Range Ions S.G. Robson, P. Räcke, A.M. Jakob, N. Collins, H.R. Firgau, V. Schmitt, V. Mourik, A. Morello, E. Mayes, D. Spemann, and D.N. Jamieson Physical Review Applied , 18, 034037 (2022)
Observing hyperfine interactions of NV¯ centers in diamond in an advanced quantum teaching lab Yang Yang, Hyma H. Vallabhapurapu, Vikas K. Sewani, et al. American Journal of Physics, 90, 550 (2022)
Visible to Short-Wave Infrared Photodetectors Based on ZrGeTe4 van der Waals Materials W Yan, BC Johnson, S Balendhran, J Cadusch, D Yan, JI Michel, SF Wang, T Zheng, K Crozier, J Bullock ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 13, 45881 (2021)
Deterministic Shallow Dopant Implantation in Silicon with Detection Confidence Upper-Bound to 99.85% by Ion-Solid Interactions AM Jakob, SG Robson, V Schmitt, V Mourik, M Posselt, D Spemann, BC Johnson, HR Firgau, E Mayes, JC McCallum, A Morello, DN Jamieson Advanced Materials, 2103235 (2021)
Infrared erbium photoluminescence enhancement in silicon carbide nano-pillars RA Parker, N Dontschuk, SI Sato, CTK Lew, P Reineck, A Nadarajah, T Ohshima, BC Gibson, S Castelletto, JC McCallum, BC Johnson Journal of Applied Physics, 130, 145101 (2021)
Isotopic enrichment of silicon by high fluence Si-28(-) ion implantation D Holmes, BC Johnson, C Chua, B Voisin, S Kocsis, S Rubanov, SG Robson, JC McCallum, DR McCamey, S Rogge, DN Jamieson Physical Review Materials, 5, 014601 (2021)