CQC2T’s Dr Michael Fogarty UNSW Engineering wins the Malcolm Chaikin Prize


UNSW Sydney has awarded Dr Michael Fogarty the Malcolm Chaikin Prize for research excellence in engineering. Awarded annually, the prize is given to the doctoral student in the Faculty of Engineering who is judged to have produced the best PhD thesis, in the broadest sense, each calendar year. The research undertaken by Fogarty in his PhD focused on silicon metal-oxide-semiconductor (SiMOS) quantum dot qubits, developed in Professor Dzurak’s team.

Accepting this award Fogarty gave a public lecture at UNSW Sydney, on the 10th of December 2019 at the UNSW Engineering Post Graduate research symposium “for the purpose of stimulating and enthusing commencing research students”.

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University: UNSW Sydney

Authors Centre Participants: Prof. Andrew S. Dzurak, Dr Michael Fogarty

Other Source: UCL Quantum Science and Technology Institute