We consider a continuous-variable quantum teleportation protocol between a uniformly accelerated sender in the right Rindler wedge, a conformal receiver restricted to the future light cone, and an inertial observer in the Minkowski vacuum. Using a nonperturbative quantum circuit model, the accelerated observer interacts unitarily with the Rindler modes of the field, thereby accessing entanglement of the vacuum as a resource. We find that a Rindler-displaced Minkowski vacuum state prepared and teleported by the accelerated observer appears mixed according to the inertial observer, despite a reduction of the quadrature variances below classical limits. This is a surprising result, since the same state transmitted directly from the accelerated observer appears as a pure coherent state to the inertial observer. The decoherence of the state is caused by an interplay of opposing effects as the acceleration increases: the reduction of vacuum noise in the output state for a stronger entanglement resource, constrained by the amplification of thermal noise due to the presence of Unruh radiation.