Continuous-Variable Quantum Technology Program

The Continuous-Variable Quantum Technology Program is led by Dr. Nicolas Menicucci from RMIT University in Melbourne.

World record-breaking experiments in recent years have revealed continuous-variable (CV) cluster states to be a highly promising technology for large-scale quantum computing. This is because extremely large quantum resource states can be made using a minimum of experimental hardware.The goals of this Program are three-fold:

  1. To reduce the experimental resources required for these states to be used in a fault-tolerant setting (i.e., of sufficient quality to be tolerant of errors) by improving the algorithms and theoretical designs for using them;
  2. To provide theoretical support for the experimentalists working to demonstrate these states in the laboratory through improved experimental designs and methodology; and
  3. To discover ways to use CV cluster states beyond their original design (quantum computing). This could be in quantum communication, quantum sensing, or the fundamental study of large-scale many-body entanglement.


Research insights from the Continuous Variable Quantum Technology Program and Dr. Nicolas Menicucci's team at RMIT.


A. Prof. Nicolas C Menicucci

A. Prof. Nicolas C Menicucci

Work Package Leader, Program Manager RMIT University
Dr. Ben  Baragiola

Dr. Ben Baragiola

RMIT University
Mr. Blayney  Walshe

Mr. Blayney Walshe

RMIT University
Mr. Giacomo  Pantaleoni

Mr. Giacomo Pantaleoni

RMIT University
Mr. Lucas  Mensen

Mr. Lucas Mensen

RMIT University
Mr. Mac  Kim

Mr. Mac Kim

RMIT University
Mr. Scott  Todd

Mr. Scott Todd

RMIT University
Dr. Valentina  Baccetti

Dr. Valentina Baccetti

RMIT University

Featured publications

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Encoding qubits into oscillators with atomic ensembles and squeezed light Nicolas C. Menicucci Physical Review A, 95, 053819 (2017)
Flow Ambiguity: A Path Towards Classically Driven Blind Quantum Computation Nicolas C. Menicucci Physical Review X, 7, 031004 (2017)
Universal quantum computation with temporal-mode bilayer square lattices Rafael N. Alexander, Shota Yokoyama, Akira Furusawa, and Nicolas C. Menicucci Physical Review A, 97, 032302 (2018)
Anonymous broadcasting of classical information with a continuous-variable topological quantum code Nicolas C. Menicucci, Ben Q. Baragiola, Tommaso F. Demarie, Gavin K. Brennen Physical Review A, Volume: 97, Issue: 3 (2018)