Sergei Slussarenko

Dr. Sergei Slussarenko

Senior Research Fellow, Griffith University
PhD Fundamental and Applied Physics (U Naples Federico II, 2011)
MSc Physics (U Kiev, 2008)

Dr Slussarenko is a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Quantum Dynamics at Griffith University. He completed his PhD in 2011 at the University of Naples Federico II (Italy) and continued his research in Naples for three more years. He moved to Australia in 2013 where he joined Griffith University and CQC²T. At Griffith, he worked with Geoff Pryde on the development of entangled photon generation technology, long-distance communication, entanglement verification protocols, and other entanglement-based applications of quantum optics.

Sergei’s research is based around the development of novel tools for efficient generation and control of exotic quantum states of light, and the use of these tools in addressing challenging tasks in quantum information science. Among the highlights of his research are the first unconditional demonstration of supersensitive phase measurement with entangled photon states, the first realisation of an error-corrected quantum communication channel that outperforms direct transmission through loss, and a demonstration of a new physical mechanism of light confinement.

Sergei is also recognised for his earlier research and development of wavefront shaping devices based on geometric phases. This includes the development of the q-plate, a novel tool for efficient generation and control of light beams carrying orbital angular momentum, and the use of these devices in demonstration of misalignment-tolerant free-space quantum communication, and ultra-sensitive tools for angular rotation measurement. Sergei has published 35 papers, with nine in the Nature and Science suite of journals, and four in Physical Review Letters. His work has collectively attracted over 3800 citations.

Role: Program Manager

University: Griffith University