Sven Rogge

Prof. Sven Rogge

Scientia Professor of Physics, UNSW Sydney
BSc, Karlsruhe (DE); PhD, Stanford, (US)

After completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Karlsruhe in Germany, Professor Rogge moved to Stanford University and in 1997 was subsequently awarded his PhD in physics. As a postdoctoral researcher at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, Sven’s research focused on atomic-scale electronics. He headed up the Atomic-Scale Electronics Group at the Kavli Institute for Nanoscience. In 2011 Sven joined CQC²T at UNSW Sydney and in 2014 was awarded a Scientia Professorship in recognition of his research performance.

At the Centre Sven manages the experimental Silicon Qubit Environment and Interface Program which aims to understand the impact of the environment on the orbital and spin properties of qubits, including that of decoherence processes, and establish a photonic interface to spin qubits in silicon. He is well known internationally for his work in quantum information science and technology, most notably in developing an understanding of how qubits in silicon can be manipulated and coupled. Sven developed scanning-tunneling spectroscopy techniques to directly image the quantum state of active donor qubits, revealing their valley degree of freedom, to probe how these qubits couple to each other and their environment. He has made significant advances in understanding the physics of donor and quantum-dot qubits and their quantum applications that lead to more than 150 articles with more than 6000 citations.

2021-2025: Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) at the University of New South Wales
2021-2022: President of the Australian Institute of Physics
2019-2020: Vice President of the Australian Institute of Physics
2016: Fellow of the American Physical Society (FAPS)
2014-2019: Head, School of Physics at the University of New South Wales
2010-2014: ARC Future Fellowship
2000-2005: Fellowship by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

Role: Program Manager

University: UNSW Sydney

Phone: (02) 9385 5979

University Email:

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Address: Centre for Quantum Computation & Communication Technology School of Physics The University of New South Wales SYDNEY 2052 Australia