Robert Chapman

Dr. Robert Chapman

Robert completed his PhD in the Quantum Photonics Laboratory at RMIT in 2018, where he developed and demonstrated novel quantum information protocols using integrated photonics technology. After a one-year Postdoc at RMIT, Robert moved to the University of Innsbruck (Austria) and completed a two-year position leading a node of the EU Quantum Technology Flagship project “Uniqorn”. Robert’s team developed semiconductor photonic devices for establishing a quantum key distribution network across Europe. In 2021, Robert returned to the Quantum Photonics Laboratory at RMIT to lead projects on programmable photonic circuits, integrated photon emitters and nonlinear waveguide devices.

Role: Research Fellow

University: RMIT University

Research Description: Photonic Quantum Processors

Address: Centre for Quantum Computation & Communication Technology College of Science, Engineering and Health RMIT Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia

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