Mirko Lobino

A. Prof. Mirko Lobino

Associate Professor of Physics, Griffith University
PhD Politecnico di Milano

Mirko has extensive experience in the fabrication of integrated optical devices in lithium niobate and their application in classical and quantum optics. He joined Griffith University at the end of 2012 where he started the Integrated Quantum Technologies group.
He completed his PhD at Politecnico di Milano in 2007 researching the use of waveguide devices in classical fibre networks. After that he moved to the University of Calgary where he worked with Prof. Lvovsky on quantum memory and quantum process tomography. In 2009 he was awarded a Marie Curie fellowship and moved to Prof. O’Brien’s team at the University of Bristol where he worked on the use of waveguides for quantum applications.
Mirko’s work focusses on integrated quantum photonics and its application to quantum computation. He established a new facility at Griffith University for the fabrication of integrated optical devices in lithium niobate (LN), crystal periodic-poling and reconfigurable electro optical devices. Here he fabricated the first device that can generate, manipulate and detect squeezed vacuum, all on a single chip. While in Bristol he performed some of the first quantum photonic experiments in lithium niobate waveguides, and the first multiphoton quantum walk in a waveguide array. During his tenure at the University of Calgary, he developed a new protocol for quantum process tomography, and performed the first experimental demonstration of storage and retrieval of squeezed vacuum in warm rubidium atoms.

2018: ARC Future Fellow
2013: ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award

Role: Program Manager

University: Griffith University

Phone: +61(0)737354115

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Researcher ID: C-6503-2008

Address: Griffith University Centre for Quantum Dynamics 170 Kessels Rd Nathan QLD 4111


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