The Australian National University (ANU) has been a core partner of CQC²T since 2011. The team at ANU includes five Program Managers – Prof Ben Buchler, Prof Ping Koy LamProf. Yuerui Lu, A.Prof Matt Sellars and Dr Rose Ahlefeldt.

The Australian National University hosts five Programs and two Work Packages in the Centre of Excellence: Spinwave Engineering & Machine Learning led by Prof Buchler, Quantum Repeater Technology Program led by Prof. Lam;  the Quantum Materials Integration Program led by Prof. Yuerui Lu, Rare-Earth Integration Program led by A.Prof Sellars and the Rare-Earth Materials Optimisation Program led by Dr Ahlefeldt. The Communication Networks Work Package is led by  A.Prof Sellars, and the Memory Technologies Work Package by  Prof Buchler.

The CQC²T node has five CQC²T experimental laboratories located at The Department of Quantum Science and The Laser Physics Centre within The Research School of Physics and Engineering. These include Solid-State Spectroscopy FacilitiesQuantum Memory LaboratoryQuantum Communication Laboratory, the Quantum Control Laboratory and the Ultra Precision Lathe Facility


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