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Developing the skills of the future

With the rapid advancements in technology – including quantum computing – students and employees need to prepare for a new set of skills that will be required in the very near future. Skills that will drive innovation and digital transformation.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects are at the centre of this change, and a key focus for education in Australia. With the Australian Government providing significant funding to support a range of education projects to improve STEM outcomes for school students.

The team at CQC²T, led by Prof Michelle Simmons, understand just how important STEM skills are – with physicists and engineers working together with the goal of developing the first quantum computer.

We have curated some external resources to help you get started – including coding courses to provide an introduction to the basics of STEM through to quantum computing book recommendations and online tutorials for physics students.

Coding courses:

Coding is a great introduction to STEM and there are many online courses and resources available to get started.

Online tutorials:

Quantum computing for the determined: Co-author of the book ‘Quantum Computation and Quantum information’ Michael Nielsen hosts a series of tutorials explaining quantum computing.

Mathematics: Eddie Woo provides a series of video tutorials teaching high school mathematics. A key foundation for quantum physics.

Physics and mathematics concepts: The Looking Glass Universe videos on physics and mathematics

Book recommendations:

Course recommendations:

Universities across Australia are investing in a range of courses in quantum technologies. The courses available from our CQC²T partners can be viewed here.

Quantum computing research seminars:

If you are interested in more technical research related content there are several seminar series on quantum computing – including seminars from CQC²T hosted on our YouTube channel. You can view upcoming seminars and events on our CQC²T events page.