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24 Aug 2023World Record Broken in Quantum Teleportation

An international team of researchers has developed a technology that has shattered a world record in continuous variable quantum teleportation. This latest technology offers a viable pathway enroute to high-performance quantum networks. The study recently…


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Transversal injection for direct encoding of ancilla states for non-Clifford gates using stabilizer codes

Jason Gavriel, Daniel Herr, Alexis Shaw, Michael J. Bremner, Alexandru Paler, and Simon J. Devitt

Physical Review Research, 5, 033019 (2023)

A solid-state quantum microscope for wavefunction control of an atom-based quantum dot device in silicon

B. Voisin, J. Salfi, D. D. St Médar, B. C. Johnson, J. C. McCallum, M. Y. Simmons, S. Rogge

Nature Electronics, 6, 409–416 (2023)

Jellybean quantum dots in silicon for qubit coupling and on-chip quantum chemistry

Zeheng Wang, MengKe Feng, Santiago Serrano, William Gilbert, Ross C. C. Leon, Tuomo Tanttu, Philip Mai, Dylan Liang, Jonathan Y. Huang, Yue Su, Wee Han Lim, Fay E. Hudson, Christopher C. Escott, Andrea Morello, Chih Hwan Yang, Andrew S. Dzurak, Andre Saraiva, Arne Laucht

Advanced Materials, 35, Issue 19 (2023)

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Silicon Quantum Computing

SQC creates world first integrated circuit at atomic scale

Silicon Quantum Computing

Developing a Silicon Quantum Computer: Ion-Implanted Donor in Silicon Qubit Research Highlights

Silicon Quantum Computing

Developing a Silicon Quantum Computer: Si-MOS Quantum Dot Research Highlights

Silicon Quantum Computing

Quantum operations with 99% fidelity – the key to practical quantum computers


There is an international race to build a scalable, quantum computer that transcends the capacity of conventional computers. A technology that has the potential to transform the information economy and create the industries of the future – solving complex solutions in hours or minutes.

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