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Optical Quantum Computation

Measurement-based linear optics,
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Tuning quantum measurements to control chaos,
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Experimentally modeling stochastic processes with less memory by the use of a quantum processor,
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Experimental demonstration of nonbilocal quantum correlations,
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Quantum state discrimination using the minimum average number of copies,
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Silicon Quantum Computation

In situ patterning of ultrasharp dopant profiles in silicon,
SP Cooil, F Mazzola, HW Klemm, G Peschel, YR Niu, AA Zakharov, MY Simmons, T Schmidt, DA Evans, JA Miwa and JW Wells,
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A review on single photon sources in silicon carbide,
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Probing the quantum states of a single atom transistor at microwave frequencies,
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Silicon quantum processor with robust long-distance qubit couplings,
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Dynamics of a single-atom electron pump,
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Interfacing spin qubits in quantum dots and donors—hot, dense, and coherent,
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Atomically engineered electron spin lifetimes of 30 seconds in silicon,
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Quantum Resources

Achieving quantum supremacy with sparse and noisy commuting quantum computations,
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Electron paramagnetic resonance microscopy using spins in diamond under ambient conditions,
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Quantum imaging of current flow in graphene,
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