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Quantum Communication

Channel purification via continuous-variable quantum teleportation with Gaussian postselection,
R Blandino, N Walk, AP Lund and TC Ralph,
Physical Review A 93, 012326 (2016).
Squeezed light from a diamond-turned monolithic cavity,
A Brieussel, Y Shen, G Campbell, G Guccione, J Janousek, B Hage, BC Buchler, N Treps, C Fabre, FZ Fang, XY Li, T Symul and PK Lam,
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High efficiency optical quantum memory with long coherence time in cold atoms,
Y-W Cho, GT Campbell, JL Everett, J Bernu, DB Higginbottom, MT Cao, J Geng, NP Robins, PK Lam and BC Buchler,
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Quantum entanglement of angular momentum states with quantum numbers up to 10,010,
R Fickler, G Campbell, B Buchler, PK Lam and A Zeilinger,
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Surpassing the no-cloning limit with a heralded hybrid linear amplifier for coherent states,
JY Haw, J Zhao, J Dias, SM Assad, M Bradshaw, R Blandino, T Symul, TC Ralph and PK Lam,
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Resonant tunneling spectroscopy of valley eigenstates on a donor-quantum dot coupled system ,
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Synthesis of optical spring potentials in optomechanical systems,
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Spacetime diamonds,
D Su and TC Ralph,
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Stability thresholds and calculation techniques for fast entangling gates on trapped ions ,
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Optomechanical magnetometry with a macroscopic resonator ,
C Yu, J Janousek, E Sheridan, DL McAuslan, H Rubinsztein-Dunlop, PK Lam, Y Zhang and WP Bowen ,
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Optical Quantum Computation

Enhancing coherent transport in a photonic network using controllable decoherence,
DN Biggerstaff, R Heilmann, AA Zecevik, M Gräfe, MA Broome, A Fedrizzi, S Nolte, A Szameit, AG White and I Kassal,
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Dynamical observations of self-stabilizing stationary light,
JL Everett, GT Campbell, Y-W Cho, P Vernaz-Gris, DB Higginbottom, O Pinel, NP Robins, PK Lam and BC Buchler,
Nature Physics 13, 68 (2016).
Estimating space–time parameters with a quantum probe in a lossy environment,
SP Kish and TC Ralph,
Physical Review D 93, 105013 (2016).
Continuous-mode operation of a noiseless linear amplifier ,
Y Li, ARR Carvalho and MR James,
Physical Review A 93, 052312 (2016).
Measuring entanglement in a photonic embedding quantum simulator,
JC Loredo, MP Almeida, R Di Candia, JS Pedernales, J Casanova, E Solano and AG White,
Physical Review Letters 116, 070503 (2016).
Scalable performance in solid-state single-photon sources,
JC Loredo, NA Zakaria, N Somaschi, C Anton, L De Santis, V Giesz, T Grange, MA Broome, O Gazzano, G Coppola, I Sagnes, A Lemaitre, A Auffeves, P Senellart, MP Almeida and AG White,
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Towards practical quantum metrology with photon counting,
JCF Matthews, X-Q Zhou, H Cable, PJ Shadbolt, DJ Saunders, GA Durkin, GJ Pryde and JL O’Brien,
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Implementation of a quantum cubic gate by an adaptive non-Gaussian measurement,
K Miyata, H Ogawa, P Marek, R Filip, H Yonezawa, J-I Yoshikawa and A Furusawa,
Physical Review A 93, 22301 (2016).
Real-time quadrature measurement of a single-photon wave packet with continuous temporal-mode matching,
H Ogawa, H Ohdan, K Miyata, M Taguchi, K Makino, H Yonezawa, J-i Yoshikawa and A Furusawa,
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A quantum Fredkin gate,
RB Patel, J Ho, F Ferreyrol, TC Ralph and GJ Pryde,
Science Advances 2, e1501531 (2016).
Experimental test of nonlocal causality,
M Ringbauer, C Giarmatzi, R Chaves, F Costa, AG White and A Fedrizzi,
Science Advances 2, e1600162 (2016).
Guiding light via geometric phases,
S Slussarenko, A Alberucci, CP Jisha, B Piccirillo, E Santamato, G Assanto and L Marrucci,
Nature Photonics 10, 571 (2016).
Near-optimal single-photon sources in the solid state,
N Somaschi, V Giesz, L De Santis, JC Loredo, MP Almeida, G Hornecker, SL Portalupi, T Grange, C Antón, J Demory, C Gómez, I Sagnes, ND Lanzillotti-Kimura, A Lemaítre, A Auffeves, AG White, L Lanco and P Senellart ,
Nature Photonics 10, 340 (2016).
Estimation of output-channel noise for continuous-variable quantum key distribution,
O Thearle, SM Assad and T Symul ,
Physical Review A 93, 042343 (2016).
Efficient and pure femtosecond-pulse-length source of polarization-entangled photons ,
MM Weston, HM Chrzanowski, S Wollmann, A Boston, J Ho, LK Shalm, VB Verma, MS Allman, SW Nam, RB Patel, S Slussarenko and GJ Pryde,
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Observation of genuine one-way Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering,
S Wollmann, N Walk, AJ Bennet, HM Wiseman and GJ Pryde,
Physical Review Letters 116, 160403 (2016).

Silicon Quantum Computation

Bell's inequality violation with spins in silicon,
JP Dehollain, S Simmons, JT Muhonen, R Kalra, A Laucht, F Hudson, KM Itoh, DN Jamieson, JC McCallum, AS Dzurak and A Morello,
Nature Nanotechnology 11, 242 (2016).
Extracting inter-dot tunnel couplings between few donor quantum dots in silicon ,
SK Gorman, MA Broome, JG Keizer, TF Watson, SJ Hile, WJ Baker and MY Simmons ,
New Journal Of Physics 18, 053041 (2016).
A dressed spin qubit in silicon,
A Laucht, R Kalra, S Simmons, JP Dehollain, JT Muhonen, FA Mohiyaddin, S Freer, FE Hudson, KM Itoh, DN Jamieson, JC McCallum, AS Dzurak and A Morello,
Nature Nanotechnology 12, 61 (2016).
Manifestation of a non-Abelian Berry phase in a p-type semiconductor system,
T Li, LA Yeoh, A Srinivasan, O Klochan, DA Ritchie, MY Simmons, OP Sushkov and AR Hamilton ,
Physical Review B 93, 205424 (2016).
Activation and control of visible single defects in 4H-, 6H- and 3C-SiC by oxidation,
A Lohrmann, S Castelletto, JR Klein, T Ohshima, M Bosi, M Negri, DWM Lau, BC Gibson, S Prawer, JC McCallum and BC Johnson,
Applied Physics Letters 108, 021107 (2016).
Quantum simulation of the Hubbard model with dopant atoms in silicon,
J Salfi, JA Mol, R Rahman, G Klimeck, MY Simmons, LCL Hollenberg and S Rogge ,
Nature Communications 7, 11342 (2016).
Charge-insensitive single-atom spin-orbit qubit in silicon,
J Salfi, JA Mol, D Culcer and S Rogge ,
Physical Review Letters 116, 246801 (2016).
Quantum computing with acceptor spins in silicon ,
J Salfi, MY Tong, S Rogge and D Culcer,
Nanotechnology 27, 2440001 (2016).
Donor wave functions in Si gauged by STM images,
AL Saraiva, J Salfi, J Bocquel, B Voisin, S Rogge, RB Capaz, MJ Calderon and B Koiller ,
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Ultralow-noise atomic-scale structures for quantum circuitry in silicon,
S Shamim, B Weber, DW Thompson, MY Simmons and A Ghosh,
Nano Letters 16, 5779 (2016).
Magneto-optical imaging of thin magnetic films using spins in diamond,
DA Simpson, J-P Tetienne, JM McCoey, K Ganesan, LT Hall, S Petrou, RE Scholten and LCL Hollenberg,
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Highly-tunable exchange in donor qubits in silicon,
Y Wang, A Tankasala, LCL Hollenberg, G Klimeck, MY Simmons and R Rahman,
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Characterizing Si:P quantum dot qubits with spin resonance techniques,
Y Wang, C-Y Chen, G Klimeck, MY Simmons and R Rahman,
Scientific Reports 6, 31830 (2016).
Si-29 nuclear spins as a resource for donor-spin qubits in silicon ,
G Wolfowicz, PA Mortemousque, R Guichard, S Simmons, MLW Thewalt, KM Itoh and JJL Morton ,
New Journal Of Physics 18, 023021 (2016).
Spatial metrology of dopants in silicon with exact lattice site precision ,
M Usman, J Bocquel, J Salfi, B Voisin, A Tankasala, R Rahman, MY Simmons, S Rogge & LCL Hollenberg,
Nature Nanotechnology (2016).

Quantum Resources

Tight state-independent uncertainty relations for qubits,
AA Abbott, PL Alzieu, MJW Hall and C Branciard,
Mathematics 4, 8 (2016).
Ultranarrow optical inhomogeneous linewidth in a stoichiometric rare-earth crystal,
RL Ahlefeldt, MR Hush and MJ Sellars,
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Engineering closed optical transitions in rare-earth ion crystals,
JG Bartholomew, RL Ahlefeldt and MJ Sellars,
Physical Review B 93, 14401 (2016).
Stochastic feedback control of quantum transport to realise a dynamical ensemble of two nonorthogonal pure states,
S Daryanoosh, HM Wiseman and T Brandes,
Physical Review B 93, 85127 (2016).
Towards a room-temperature spin quantum bus in diamond via electron photoionization, transport, and capture,
MW Doherty, CA Meriles, A Alkauskas, H Fedder, MJ Sellars and NB Manson,
Physical Review X 6, 041035 (2016).
Physical realisability and preservation of commutation and anticommutation relations for n-level quantum systems,
LA Duffaut Espinosa, Z Miao, IR Petersen, V Ugrinovskii and MR James,
SIAM Journal On Control And Optimization 54 (2), 632 (2016).
Generation of light with multimode time-delayed entanglement using storage in a solid-state spin-wave quantum memory,
KR Ferguson, SE Beavan, JJ Longdell and MJ Sellars,
Physical Review Letters 117, 020501 (2016).
Cross-phase modulation and entanglement in a compound gradient echo memory,
S Fu, ARR Carvalho, MR Hush and MR James,
Physical Review A 93, 23809 (2016).
Squeezing quadrature rotation in the acoustic band via optomechanics,
G Guccione, HJ Slatyer, ARR Carvalho, BC Buchler and PK Lam,
Journal Of Physics B 49, 65401 (2016).
Detection of nanoscale electron spin resonance spectra demonstrated using nitrogen-vacancy centre probes in diamond,
LT Hall, P Kehayias, DA Simpson, A Jarmola, A Stacey, D Budker and LCL Hollenberg,
Nature Communications 7, 10211 (2016).
Qubit noise spectroscopy for non-Gaussian dephasing environments ,
LM Norris, GA Paz-Silva and L Viola ,
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Ground-state stabilisation of quantum finite-level systems by dissipation,
Y Pan, V Ugrinovskii and MR James,
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A quantum spin-probe molecular microscope,
VS Perunicic, CD Hill, LT Hall and LCL Hollenberg,
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Sufficient conditions for efficient classical simulation of quantum optics,
S Rahimi-Keshari, TC Ralph and CM Caves,
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Scanning nanospin ensemble microscope for nanoscale magnetic and thermal imaging,
J-P Tetienne, A Lombard, DA Simpson, C Ritchie, J Lu, P Mulvaney and LCL Hollenberg,
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Reaction paths of phosphine dissociation on silicon (001) ,
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Models of reduced-noise, probabilistic linear amplifiers,
J Combes, N Walk, AP Lund, TC Ralph and CM Caves,
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Products of weak values: uncertainty relations, complementarity and incompatibility ,
MJW Hall, AK Pati and J Wu ,
Physical Review A 93, 052118 (2016).
Engineering integrated photonics for heralded quantum gates ,
T Meany, DN Biggerstaff, MA Broome, A Fedrizzi, M Delanty, A Gilchrist, GD Marshall, MJ Steel, AG White and MJ Withford ,
Scientific Reports 6, 21526 (2016).
Experimental demonstration of Gaussian protocols for one-sided device-independent quantum key distribution,
N Walk, S Hosseini, J Geng, O Thearle, JY Haw, S Armstrong, SM Assad, J Janousek, TC Ralph, T Symul, HM Wiseman and PK Lam ,
Optica 3, 634 (2016).