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Quantum Communication

Noise analysis of single-quantum-mode Gaussian operations using continuous-variable cluster states,
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Bell's theorem still reverberates,
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Optical Quantum Computation

Quantum signalling in cavity QED,
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Silicon Quantum Computation

Determination of the free carrier concentration in atomic-layer doped germanium thin films by infrared spectroscopy,
E. Calandrini, M. Ortolani, A. Nucara, G. Scappucci, W.M Klesse, M.Y Simmons, Luciana Di Gaspare, M. de Seta, D. Sabbagh, G. Capellini, M. Virgilio and L. Baldassarre,
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Oscillatory solitons and time-resolved phase locking of two polariton condensates,
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Sub-nanoampere one-shot single electron transistor readout electrometry below 10 Kelvin ,
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Single-shot readout and relaxation of singlet and triplet states in exchange-coupled P31 electron spins in silicon,
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Single-charge detection by an atomic precision tunnel junction,
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Spin-lattice relaxation times of single donors and donor clusters in silicon,
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Robust two-qubit gates for donors in silicon controlled by hyperfine interactions,
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High-fidelity adiabatic inversion of a P-31 electron spin qubit in natural silicon,
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Lithography and doping in strained Si towards atomically precise device fabrication ,
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Determining the electronic confinement of a sub-surface metallic state,
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Valley splitting in a silicon quantum device platform,
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Observation of zero-point quantum fluctuations of a single-molecule magnet through the relaxation of its nuclear spin bath,
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Storing quantum information for 30 seconds in a nanoelectronic device,
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An accurate single-electron pump based on a highly tunable silicon quantum dot,
A. Rossi, T. Tanttu, K.Y. Tan, I. Iisakka, R. Zhao, K.W. Chan, G.C. Tettamanzi, S. Rogge, A.S. Dzurak and M. Möttönen ,
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Spatially resolving valley quantum interference of a donor in silicon,
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Spontaneous breaking of time-reversal symmetry in strongly interacting two-dimensional electron layers in silicon and germanium,
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Charge pumping through a single donor atom,
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Circuit-quantum electrodynamics with direct magnetic coupling to single-atom spin qubits in isotopically enriched 28Si,
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Probing the spin states of a single acceptor atom,
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An addressable quantum dot qubit with fault-tolerant control fidelity,
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Transport in asymmetrically coupled donor-based silicon triple quantum dots,
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Quantum Resources

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