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Quantum Communication

Programmable multimode quantum networks,
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Optical Quantum Computation

Quantum benchmarking with realistic states of light,
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Silicon Quantum Computation

Effective mass theory of monolayer δ doping in the high-density limit,
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Effective mass theory of monolayer δ doping in the high-density limit,
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Single-ion implantation for the development of Si-based MOSFET devices with quantum functionalities,
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Stacking of 2D electron gases in Ge probed at the atomic level and its correlation to low-temperature magnetotransport,
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Ohm’s Law Survives to the Atomic Scale,
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Quantum Resources

Guided self-assembly of metal atoms on silicon using organic-molecule templating,
D.R. Belcher, M.W. Radny, S.R. Schofield, P.V. Smith and O. Warschkow,
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