Notable Publications

Entanglement-enhanced measurement of a completely unknown optical phase
G.Y. Xiang, B.L. Higgins, D.W. Berry, H.M. Wiseman and G.J. Pryde
Nature Photonics 5, 43 (2011)
High efficiency coherent optical memory with warm rubidium vapour
M. Hosseini, B.M. Sparkes, G. Campbell, P.K. Lam and B.C. Buchler
Nature Communications 2, 174 (2011)
Electric-field sensing using single diamond spins
F. Dolde, H. Fedder, M.W. Doherty, T. Nöbauer, F. Rempp, G. Balasubramanian, T. Wolf, F. Reinhard, L.C.L. Hollenberg, F. Jelezko and J. Wrachtrup
Nature Physics 7, 459 (2011)
Quantum control: Squinting at quantum systems
H.M. Wiseman
Nature 470, 178 (2011)
Quantum measurement and orientation tracking of fluorescent nanodiamonds inside living cells
L.P. McGuinness, Y. Yan, A. Stacey, D.A. Simpson, L.T. Hall, D. Maclaurin, S. Prawer, P. Mulvaney, J. Wrachtrup, F. Caruso, R.E. Scholten and L.C.L. Hollenberg
Nature Nanotechnology 6, 358 (2011)
Unconditional room-temperature quantum memory
M. Hosseini, G. Campbell, B.M. Sparkes, P.K. Lam and B.C. Buchler
Nature Physics 7, 794 (2011)
Teleportation of Nonclassical Wave Packets of Light
N. Lee, H. Benichi, Y. Takeno, S. Takeda, J.G. Webb, E.H. Huntington and A. Furusawa
Science 332, 330 (2011)
Adding control to arbitrary unknown quantum operations
X-Q Zhou, T.C. Ralph, P. Kalasuwan, M. Zhang, A. Peruzzo, B.P. Lanyon and J.L. O’Brien
Nature Communications 2, 413 (2011)
Quantum computing: Diamond and silicon converge
A.S. Dzurak
Nature 479, 47 (2011)
Pauli spin blockade in a highly tunable silicon double quantum dot
N.S. Lai, W.H. Lim, C.H. Yang, F.A. Zwanenburg, W.A. Coish, F. Qassemi, A. Morello and A.S. Dzurak
Scientific Reports 1, 110 (2011)
Atom–light interactions: The nonlinearity of single photons
P.K. Lam and B.C. Buchler
Nature Photonics 5, 580 (2011)
Ohm’s Law Survives to the Atomic Scale
B. Weber, S. Mahapatra, H. Ryu, S. Lee, A. Fuhrer, T.C.G. Reusch, D.L. Thompson, W.C.T. Lee, G. Klimeck, L.C.L. Hollenberg and M.Y. Simmons
Science 335, 64 (2012)
Quantum control: Through the quantum chicane
L.C.L. Hollenberg
Nature Physics 8, 1133 (2012)
A single-atom transistor
M. Fuechsle, J.A. Miwa, S. Mahapatra, H. Ryu, S. Lee, O. Warschkow, L.C.L. Hollenberg, G. Klimeck and M.Y. Simmons
Nature Nanotechnology 7, 242 (2012)
Conclusive quantum steering with superconducting transition-edge sensors
D.H. Smith, G. Gillett, M.P. de Almeida, C. Branciard, A. Fedrizzi, T.J. Weinhold, A. Lita, B. Calkins, T. Gerrits, H.M. Wiseman, S.W. Nam and A.G. White
Nature Communications 3, 625 (2012)
Experimental demonstration of topological error correction
X.C. Yao, T.X. Wang, H.Z. Chen, W.B. Gao, A.G. Fowler, R. Raussendorf, Z.B. Chen, N.L. Liu, C.Y. Lu, Y.J. Deng, Y.A. Chen and J.W. Pan
Nature 482, 489 (2012)
Observation of topologically protected bound states in a one dimensional photonic system
T. Kitagawa, M.A. Broome, A. Fedrizzi, M.S. Rudner, E. Berg, I. Kassal, A. Aspuru-Guzik, E. Demler and A.G. White
Nature Communications 3, 882 (2012)
A single-atom electron spin qubit in silicon
J.J. Pla, K.Y. Tan, J.P. Dehollain, W-H. Lim, J.J.L. Morton, D.N. Jamieson, A.S. Dzurak and A. Morello
Nature 489, 541 (2012)
Quantum-enhanced optical-phase tracking
H. Yonezawa, D. Nakane, T.A. Wheatley, K. Iwasawa, S. Takeda, H. Arao, K. Ohki, K. Tsumura, D.W. Berry, T.C. Ralph, H.M. Wiseman, E.H. Huntington and A. Furusawa
Science 337, 1514 (2012)
Programmable multimode quantum networks
S. Armstrong, J-F. Morizur, J. Janousek, B. Hage, N. Treps, P-K. Lam, H-A. Bachor
Nature Communications 3, 1026 (2012)
Observing the operational significance of discord consumption
M. Gu, H.M. Chrzanowski, S.M. Assad, T. Symul, K. Modi, T.C. Ralph, V. Vedral and P.K. Lam
Nature Physics 8, 671 (2012)
Gaussian quantum information
C. Weedbrook, S. Pirandola R. García-Patrón, N.J. Cerf, T.C. Ralph, J.H. Shapiro and S. Lloyd
Reviews Modern Physics 84, 621 (2012)
Memory-enhanced noiseless cross-phase modulation
M. Hosseini, S. Rebi, B.M. Sparkes, J. Twamley, B.C. Buchler and P.K. Lam
Nature Light Science and Applications 1, e40 (2012)
Quantum Physics: Cruise control for a qubit
H.M. Wiseman
Nature (News & Views) 490, 43 (2012)
Quantum spintronics: Engineering and manipulating atom-like spins in semiconductors
D.D. Awschalom, L.C. Bassett, A.S. Dzurak, E.L. Hu and J.R. Petta
Science 339, 1174 (2013)
Photonic boson sampling in a tunable circuit
M.A. Broome, A. Fedrizzi, S. Rahimi-Keshari, J. Dove, S. Aaronson, T.C. Ralph and A.G. White
Science 339, 794 (2013)
Calculating unknown eigenvalues with a quantum computer
X-Q. Zhou, P. Kalasuwan, T.C. Ralph, and J.L. O’Brien
Nature Photonics 7, 223 (2013)
Heralded noiseless amplification of a photon polarization qubit
S. Kocsis, G.Y. Xiang, T.C. Ralph and G.J. Pryde
Nature Physics 9, 23 (2013)
Quantum information: Atoms and circuits unite in silicon
A. Morello
Nature Nanotechnology (News & Views) 8, 233 (2013)
High-fidelity readout and control of a nuclear spin qubit in silicon
J.J. Pla, K.Y. Tan, J.P. Dehollain, W.H. Lim, J.J.L. Morton, F.A. Zwanenburg, D.N. Jamieson, A.S. Dzurak and A. Morello
Nature 496, 334 (2013)
Optical addressing of an individual erbium ion in silicon
C. Yin, M. Rancic, G.G. de Boo, N. Stavrias, J.C. McCallum, M.J. Sellars and S. Rogge
Nature 497, 91 (2013)
Noninvasive spatial metrology of single-atom devices
F.A. Mohiyaddin, R. Rahman, R. Kalra, G. Klimeck, L.C.L. Hollenberg, J.J. Pla, A.S. Dzurak and A. Morello
Nano Letters 13, 1903 (2013)
Wave function control over a single donor atom
J. Verduijn, G.C. Tettamanzi and S. Rogge
Nano Letters 13, 1476 (2013)
Quantum cryptography continuous improvement
P. K. Lam and T.C. Ralph
Nature Photonics (News & Views) 7, 350 (2013)
Spin readout and addressability of phosphorus-donor clusters in Silicon
H. Büch, S. Mahapatra, R. Rahman, A. Morello and M.Y. Simmons
Nature Communications 4, 2017 (2013)
Magnetic spin imaging under ambient conditions with sub-cellular resolution
S. Steinert, F. Ziem, L.T. Hall, A. Zappe, M. Schweikert, N. Götz, A. Aird, G. Balasubramanian, L.C.L. Hollenberg and J. Wrachtrup
Nature Communications 4, 1607 (2013)
Surface code implementation of block code state distillation
A.G. Fowler, S.J. Devitt and C. Jones
Scientific Reports 3, 1939 (2013)
Boson sampling on a chip
T.C. Ralph
Nature Photonics (News & Views) 7, 514 (2013)
Silicon quantum electronics
F.A. Zwanenburg, A.S. Dzurak, A. Morello, M.Y. Simmons, L.C.L. Hollenberg, G. Klimeck, S. Rogge, S.N. Coppersmith and M.A. Eriksson
Reviews of Modern Physics 85, 961 (2013)
Multiphoton quantum interference in a multiport integrated photonic device
B.J. Metcalf, N. Thomas-Peter, J.B. Spring, D. Kundys, M.A. Broome, P.C. Humphreys, X-M Jin, M Barbieri, W.S. Kolthammer, J.C. Gates, B.J. Smith, N.K. Langford, P.G.R. Smith and I.A. Walmsley
Nature Communications 4, 1356 (2013)
Spectral compression of single photons
J. Lavoie, J.M. Donohue, L.G. Wright, A. Fedrizzi and K.H. Resch
Nature Photonics 7, 363 (2013)
Don’t Cry over Broken Entanglement
T.C. Ralph and P.K. Lam
Physics - Spotlighting Exceptional Research (Viewpoint) 6, 74 (2013)
Quantum tele-amplification with a continuous-variable superposition state
J.S. Neergaard-Nielsen, Y. Eto, H. Jeong and M. Sasaki
Nature Photonics 7, 439 (2013)
Spin-valley lifetimes in a silicon quantum dot with tunable valley splitting
C.H. Yang, A. Rossi, R. Ruskov, N.S. Lai, F.A. Mohiyaddin, S. Lee, C. Tahan, G. Klimeck, A. Morello and A.S. Dzurak
Nature Communications 4, 2069 (2013)
Atomic clocks in the solid state
S. Rogge and M.J. Sellars
Nature Nanotechnology (News & Views) 8, 544 (2013)
Quantum communication: Reliable teleportation
T.C. Ralph
Nature 500, 282 (2013)
Ultra-large-scale continuous-variable cluster states multiplexed in the time domain
S. Yokoyama, R. Ukai, S.C. Armstrong, C. Sornphiphatphong, T. Kaji, S. Suzuki, J. Yoshikawa, H. Yonezawa, N.C. Menicucci and A. Furusawa
Nature Photonics 7, 982 (2013)
Measurement-based noiseless linear amplification for quantum communication
H.M. Chrzanowski, N. Walk, S.M. Assad, J. Janousek, S. Hosseini, T.C. Ralph, T. Symul and P.K. Lam
Nature Photonics 8, 333 (2014)
A silicon carbide room-temperature single-photon source
S. Castelletto, B.C. Johnson, V. Ivády, N. Stavrias, T. Umeda, A. Gali and T. Ohshima
Nature Materials 13, 151 (2014)
Spin blockade and exchange in coulomb-confined silicon double quantum dots
B. Weber, Y.H.M. Tan, S. Mahapatra, T.F. Watson, H. Ryu. R. Rahman, L.C.L. Hollenberg, G. Klimeck and M.Y. Simmons
Nature Nanotechnology 9, 430 (2014)
Superconducting quantum circuits at the surface code threshold for fault tolerance
R. Barends, J. Kelly, A. Megrant, A. Veitia, D. Sank, E. Jeffrey, T.C. White, J. Mutus, A.G. Fowler, B. Campbell, Y. Chen, Z. Chen, B. Chiaro, A. Dunsworth, C. Neill, P. O’Malley, P. Roushan, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, A.N. Korotkov, A.N. Cleland and J.M. Martinis
Nature 508, 500 (2014)
Nanoscale MRI: Dark spins in the spotlight
L.C.L. Hollenberg
Nature Nanotechnology (News & Reviews) 9, 253 (2014)
Spatially resolving valley quantum interference of a donor in silicon
J. Salfi, J.A. Mol, R. Rahman, G. Klimeck, M.Y. Simmons, L.C.L. Hollenberg and S. Rogge
Nature Materials 13, 605 (2014)
Experimental simulation of closed timelike curves
M. Ringbauer, M.A. Broome, CR. Myers, AG. White and T.C. Ralph
Nature Communications 5, 4145 (2014)
Bell's theorem still reverberates
H.M. Wiseman
Nature 510, 467 (2014)
Generation of hybrid entanglement of light
H. Jeong, A. Zavatta, M. Kang, S-W. Lee, Luca S. Costanzo, S. Grandi, T.C. Ralph and M. Bellini
Nature Photonics 8, 564 (2014)
Storing quantum information for 30 seconds in a nanoelectronic device
J.T. Muhonen, J.P. Dehollain, A. Laucht, F.E. Hudson, T. Sekiguchi, K.M. Itoh, D.N. Jamieson, J.C. McCallum, A.S. Dzurak, A. Morello
Nature Nanotechnology 9, 986 (2014)
An addressable quantum dot qubit with fault-tolerant control fidelity
M. Veldorst, J.C.C. Hwang, C.H. Yang, A.W. Leenstra, B. de Ronde, J.P. Dehollain, J.T. Muhonen, F.E. Hudson, K.M. Itoh, A. Morello and A.S. Dzurak
Nature Nanotechnology 9, 981 (2014)
Multimode laser cooling and ultra-high sensitivity force sensing with nanowires
M. Hosseini, G. Guccione, H. J. Slatyer, B. C. Buchler and P. K. Lam
Nature Communications 5, 4663 (2014)
Information causality in the quantum and post-quantum regime
M. Ringbauer, A. Fedrizzi, D.W. Berry and A.G. White
Scientific Reports 4, 6955 (2014)
Quantum Spintronics: Single pins in silicon carbide
A. Morello
Nature Materials (News & Reviews) 14, 135 (2015)
Optically addressable nuclear spins in a solid with a six-hour coherence time
M. Zhong, M.P. Hedges, R.L. Ahlefeldt, J.G. Bartholomew, S.E. Beavan, S.M. Wittig, J.J. Longdell and M.J. Sellars
Nature 517, 177 (2015)
Measurements on the reality of the wavefunction
M. Ringbauer, B. Duffus, C. Branciard, E.G. Cavalcanti, A.G. White and A. Fedrizzi
Nature Physics 11, 249 (2015)
State preservation by repetitive error detection in a superconducting quantum circuit
J. Kelly, R. Barends, A.G. Fowler, A. Megrant, E. Jeffrey, T. C. White, D. Sank, J.Y. Mutus, B. Campbell, Yu Chen, Z. Chen, B. Chiaro, A. Dunsworth, I.-C. Hoi, C. Neill, P. J. J. O’Malley, C. Quintana, P. Roushan, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, A. N. Cleland and J.M. Martinis
Nature (Letters) 519, 66 (2015)
Experimental proof of nonlocal wavefunction collapse for a single particle using homodyne measurements
M. Fuwa, S. Takeda, M. Zwierz, H.M. Wiseman and A. Furusawa
Nature Communications 6, 6665 (2015)
Multipartite Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering and genuine tripartite entanglement with optical networks
S. Armstrong, M. Wang, R. Yan Teh, Q. Gong, Q. He, J. Janousek, H-A Bachor, M.D. Reid and P.K. Lam
Nature Physics 11, 167 (2015)
Electrically controlling single-spin qubits in a continuous microwave field
A. Laucht, J.T. Muhonen, F.A. Mohiyaddin, R. Kalra, J.P. Dehollain, S. Freer, F.E. Hudson, M. Veldhorst, R. Rahman, G. Klimeck, K.M. Itoh, D.N. Jamieson, J.C. McCallum, A.S. Dzurak and A. Morello
Science Advances 1, e1500022 (2015)
Single spins in silicon carbide
A. Morello
Nature (News & Views) 14, 135 (2015)
Single-photon emitting diode in silicon carbide
A. Lohrmann, N. Iwamoto, Z. Bodrog, S. Castelletto, T. Ohshima, T. Karle, A. Gali, S. Prawer, J.C. McCallum and B.C. Johnson
Nature Communications 6, 7783 (2015)
Atom–photon coupling from nitrogen-vacancy centres embedded in tellurite microspheres
Y. Ruan, B.C. Gibson, D.W. M. Lau, A.D. Greentree and H. Ji, H. Ebendorff-Heidepriem, B.C. Johnson, T. Ohshima and T.M. Monro
Scientific Reports 5, 11486 (2015)
A two qubit logic gate in silicon
M. Veldhorst, C.H. Yang, J.C.C. Hwang, W. Huang, J.P. Dehollain, J.T. Muhonen, S. Simmons, A. Laucht, F.E. Hudson, K.M. Itoh, A. Morello and A.S. Dzurak
Nature 526, 410 (2015)
Undoing the effect of loss on quantum entanglement
A.E. Ulanov, I.A. Fedorov, A.A. Pushkina, Y.V. Kurochkin, T.C. Ralph and A.I. Lvovsky
Nature Photonics 9, 764 (2015)
A surface code quantum computer in silicon
C. Hill, E. Peretz, S. Hile, M. Fuechsle, M.H. House, R. Rahman, G. Klimeck, S. Rogge, M.Y. Simmons and L.C.L. Hollenberg
Science Advances 1, e1500707 (2015)
A new horizon for quantum information
M.Y. Simmons
Nature Quantum Information (Editoral) 1, 15013 (2015)
Radio frequency measurements of tunnel couplings and singlet-triplet spin states in Si:P quantum dots
House, MG; Kobayashi, T; Weber, B; Hile, SJ; Watson, TF; van der Heijden, J; Rogge, S; Simmons, MY
Nature Communications 6, (2015)
Pauli spin blockade of heavy holes in a silicon double quantum dot
R Li, FE Hudson, AS Dzurak and AR Hamilton
Nano Letters 15, 7314 (2015)
Silicon quantum dots: fine-tuning to maturity
A Morello
Nanotechnology 26, 502501 (2015)
Bell's inequality violation with spins in silicon
JP Dehollain, S Simmons, JT Muhonen, R Kalra, A Laucht, F Hudson, KM Itoh, DN Jamieson, JC McCallum, AS Dzurak and A Morello
Nature Nanotechnology 11, 242 (2016)
Near-optimal single-photon sources in the solid state
N Somaschi, V Giesz, L De Santis, JC Loredo, MP Almeida, G Hornecker, SL Portalupi, T Grange, C Antón, J Demory, C Gómez, I Sagnes, ND Lanzillotti-Kimura, A Lemaítre, A Auffeves, AG White, L Lanco and P Senellart
Nature Photonics 10, 340 (2016)
A quantum Fredkin gate
RB Patel, J Ho, F Ferreyrol, TC Ralph and GJ Pryde
Science Advances 2, e1501531 (2016)
Quantum simulation of the Hubbard model with dopant atoms in silicon
J Salfi, JA Mol, R Rahman, G Klimeck, MY Simmons, LCL Hollenberg and S Rogge
Nature Communications 7, 11342 (2016)
Enhancing coherent transport in a photonic network using controllable decoherence
DN Biggerstaff, R Heilmann, AA Zecevik, M Gräfe, MA Broome, A Fedrizzi, S Nolte, A Szameit, AG White and I Kassal
Nature Communications 7, 11282 (2016)
Spatial metrology of dopants in silicon with exact lattice site precision
M Usman, J Bocquel, J Salfi, B Voisin, A Tankasala, R Rahman, MY Simmons, S Rogge & LCL Hollenberg
Nature Nanotechnology , (2016)
Highly-tunable exchange in donor qubits in silicon
Y Wang, A Tankasala, LCL Hollenberg, G Klimeck, MY Simmons and R Rahman
NPJ Quantum Information 2, 20168 (2016)