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Quantum Communication

Channel purification via continuous-variable quantum teleportation with Gaussian postselection,
R Blandino, N Walk, AP Lund and TC Ralph,
Physical Review A 93, 012326 (2016).
Squeezed light from a diamond-turned monolithic cavity,
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Spacetime diamonds,
D Su and TC Ralph,
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Optical Quantum Computation

Enhancing coherent transport in a photonic network using controllable decoherence,
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Measuring entanglement in a photonic embedding quantum simulator,
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Scalable performance in solid-state single-photon sources,
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Implementation of a quantum cubic gate by an adaptive non-Gaussian measurement,
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A quantum Fredkin gate,
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Near-optimal single-photon sources in the solid state,
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Silicon Quantum Computation

Bell's inequality violation with spins in silicon,
JP Dehollain, S Simmons, JT Muhonen, R Kalra, A Laucht, F Hudson, KM Itoh, DN Jamieson, JC McCallum, AS Dzurak and A Morello,
Nature Nanotechnology 11, 242 (2016).
Activation and control of visible single defects in 4H-, 6H- and 3C-SiC by oxidation,
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Quantum simulation of the Hubbard model with dopant atoms in silicon,
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Donor wave functions in Si gauged by STM images,
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Magneto-optical imaging of thin magnetic films using spins in diamond,
DA Simpson, J-P Tetienne, JM McCoey, K Ganesan, LT Hall, S Petrou, RE Scholten and LCL Hollenberg,
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Spatial metrology of dopants in silicon with exact lattice site precision ,
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Nature Nanotechnology (2016).

Quantum Resources

Tight state-independent uncertainty relations for qubits,
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Engineering closed optical transitions in rare-earth ion crystals,
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Engineering closed optical transitions in rare-earth ion crystals,
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Stochastic feedback control of quantum transport to realise a dynamical ensemble of two nonorthogonal pure states,
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Physical realisability and preservation of commutation and anticommutation relations for n-level quantum systems,
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Cross-phase modulation and entanglement in a compound gradient echo memory,
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Squeezing quadrature rotation in the acoustic band via optomechanics,
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Models of reduced-noise, probabilistic linear amplifiers,
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Experimental demonstration of Gaussian protocols for one-sided device-independent quantum key distribution,
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