Majorana Qubits

Professor Leo Kouwenhoven
Microsoft Station Q at Delft and QuTech, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
4pm Thursday 12 January 2017
CQC2T Conference Room Level 2, Newton Building, UNSW

Majoranas in semiconductor nanowires can be probed via various electrical measurements. Tunnel spectroscopy have revealed zero-bias peaks in the differential conductance. New observations include quantum superpositions of Majorana states leading, for instance, to a 4pi current phase relation or a fractional Josephson effect. When the existence of Majoranas is firmly established, the next challenge is to build Majorana qubits. We discuss the different qubit schemes and report on our first building blocks. The promise of Majorana qubits is that the error rate is very low yielding a relativele simple scalable architecture.
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