Improvement and Optimisation of Electron Spin State Read-Out

Mr Daniel Keith
4pm Thursday 10 November 2016
CQC2T Conference Room Level 2, Newton Building, UNSW

High fidelity qubit state readout is one of the essential steps to achieve universal quantum computation. In this talk I will focus on spin state systems and what progress has been made to improve spin read-out over the past ten or so years as well as what further optimisations we have been investigating. Various parameters, such as device architecture and magnetic field strength, can be optimised to produce the highest read-out fidelities possible for a particular system. More recent fidelity analysis procedures depend on numerical simulation methods hence, it is important to not only take into account as many sources of error as possible, but to also match simulations with experiments to produce accurate and reliable fidelity calculations. I will also present multiple techniques used to post process read-out data and how they can help to improve read-out fidelity in certain regimes.