Performance of a scalable silicon quantum processor

Dr Guilherme Tosi
4pm Thursday 20 October 2016
CQC2T Conference Room Level 2, Newton Building, UNSW

We have recently proposed [1] a new scheme to operate and couple Si:P spin qubits that does not require precise donor placement and spaces them apart allowing plenty of room for interconnects. Such a scheme relies on manipulating the electron charge state, and therefore care has to be taken in protecting the qubit from charge noise. In this seminar I will discuss how different sources of noise affect the performance of our quantum gates, and show that, by operating the qubits in regimes where they are protected from noise, fidelities compatible with quantum error correction are within reach.

[1] G Tosi, Silicon quantum processor with robust long-distance qubit couplings. arXiv:1509.08538 (2015)