Semiconductor Nanofabrication Facility (SNF)

The Semiconductor Nanofabrication Facility (SNF) at UNSW contains equipment for fabricating a range of semiconductor and other devices. It covers more than 300m2 and is home to the NSW Node of the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF), providing Australian researchers from both the public and private sectors with access to advanced nanofabrication equipment. In addition, ANFF employs a number of process engineers to provide training in nanofabrication processes running within ANFF-SNF, or to carry out fabrication projects on behalf of ANFF users.

The ANFF team is headed by Professor Andrew Dzurak who serves as Director of the ANFF-NSW Node. SNF-ANFF comprises three distinct cleanroom areas: SNF East (Ground Floor) offers 50m2 of ISO 5 and 25m2 of ISO 7 cleanroom space. The focus in this area is the production of nanoelectronic devices, with key equipment including two FEI/NPGS electron beam lithography systems that are regularly used to produce sub-20 nm device features. Other tools in this area support wet chemical processing, photolithography, metal deposition and metrology. The ground floor also contains extensive plant areas housing the air handling system for SNF East, de-ionised water supply, general laboratory gas supplies, vacuum systems, cooling water and exhaust systems.

SNF East (Level 1) offers a further 40m2 of ISO 5 and 60m2 of ISO 7 cleanroom space. This area contains a bank of high temperature furnaces to support core Si MOS processes, specifically diffusion, oxidation and annealing. In addition, the ISO 5 zone has wet chemical processing, photolithography and rapid thermal annealing capability. The ISO 7 zone contains a range of deposition and etching tools, including plasma processing tools. Many of these tools are connected to the Special Gases System which ensures the safe storage and delivery of hazardous gases to the laboratory. Central to the Special Gases System is a rooftop gas enclosure housing gas cylinders, distribution pipes, exhaust systems and environmental control equipment. Gas monitoring and automatic safety interlocks are employed throughout the gas distribution system.

SNF West is the newest of all the cleanrooms, and was established via the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). It was constructed throughout 2008-2009 with help from the NSW State Government funding to the ANFF-NSW Node. This area offers 100m2 of ISO 5 and 110m2 of ISO6 cleanroom space. The ISO 5 zone contains a bank of four fume cupboards for wet chemical processing as well as photolithography and metrology tools. A dedicated room within the ISO 5 zone houses a Raith 150TWO electron beam lithography system capable of high resolution stitch-free patterning over large device areas. The ISO6 zone contains e-beam evaporators, a deep reactive ion etching system, a suite of device bonding tools as well as metrology and wet chemical processing capability. SNF West is completed by a number of plant areas accommodating the laboratory’s air handling system and other critical service equipment.

The nanofabrication capability available via ANFF is scheduled to expand further throughout 2011-13 with the installation of a low energy ion implanter, a range of deposition and etching tools (including atomic layer deposition, multi-target sputtering, plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition and reactive ion etching) as well as equipment to support process quality control and device packaging.