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[1] A planar Al-Si Schottky barrier metal–oxide–semiconductor field effect transistor operated at cryogenic temperatures, W.E. Purches, A. Rossi, R. Zhao, S. Kafanov, T.L. Duty, A.S. Dzurak, S. Rogge and G.C. Tettamanzi, Applied Physics Letters 107, 063503 (2015).

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[3] An accurate single-electron pump based on a highly tunable silicon quantum dot, A. Rossi, T. Tanttu, K.Y. Tan, I. Iisakka, R. Zhao, K.W. Chan, G.C. Tettamanzi, S. Rogge, A.S. Dzurak and M. Möttönen , Nano Letters 14, 3405 (2014).

[4] Charge pumping through a single donor atom, G.C. Tettamanzi, R. Wacquez and S. Rogge, New Journal Of Physics 16, 063036 (2014).

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[6] Erratum: Lifetime-Enhanced Transport in Silicon due to Spin and Valley Blockade, G.P. Lansbergen, R. Rahman, J. Verduijn, G.C. Tettamanzi, N. Collaert, S. Biesemans, G. Klimeck, L.C.L. Hollenberg and S. Rogge, Physical Review Letters 110, 049901 (2013).

[7] Magnetic-Field Probing of an SU(4) Kondo Resonance in a Single-Atom Transistor, G.C. Tettamanzi, J. Verduijn, G.P. Lansbergen, M. Blaauboer, R. Aguado and S. Rogge, Physical Review Letters 108, 046803 (2012).

[8] Few electron limit of n-type metal oxide semiconductor single electron transistors, E. Prati, M. De Michielis, M. Belli, S. Cocco, M. Fanciulli, D. Kotekar-Patil, M. Ruoff, D.P. Kern, D.A. Wharam, J. Verduijn, G.C. Tettamanzi, S. Rogge, B. Roche, R. Wacquez, X. Jehl, M. Vinet and M. Sanquer , Nanotechnology 23, 215204 (2012).

[9] Interface Trap Density Metrology of State-of-the-Art Undoped Si n-FinFETs, G.C. Tettamanzi, A. Paul, S. Lee, S.R. Mehrotra, N. Collaert, S. Biesemans, G. Klimeck and S. Rogge, Ieee Electron Devices Letters 32, 440 (2011).

[10] Electric field reduced charging energies and two-electron bound excited states of single donors in silicon, R. Rahman, G.P. Lansbergen, J. Verduijn, G.C. Tettamanzi, S.H. Park, N. Collaert, S. Biesemans, G. Klimeck, L.C.L. Hollenberg and S. Rogge, Physical Review B 84, 115428 (2011).

[11] Interface trap density metrology from sub-threshold transport in highly scaled undoped Si n-FinFETs, A. Paul, G.C. Tettamanzi, S. Lee, S. Mehrotra, N. Colleart, S. Biesemans, S. Rogge and G. Klimeck, Journal Of Applied Physics 110, 124507 (2011).

[12] Drain current modulation in a nanoscale field-effecttransistor channel by single dopant implantation, B.C. Johnson, G.C. Tettamanzi, A. Alves, S.C. Thompson, C. Yang, J. Verduijn, J.A. Mol, R. Wacquez, M. Vinet, M. Sanquer, S. Rogge and D. Jamieson, Applied Physics Letters 96, 264102 (2010).

[13] Reply to comment on Superconducting transition in Nb nanowires fabricated using focused-ion beam, G.C. Tettamanzi, A. Potenza, S. Rubanov, C.H. Marrows and S. Prawer, Nanotechnology 21, 168002 (2010).

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