Dr Giuseppe C. Tettamanzi

BSc (Hons) Rome, Italy, PhD Melbourne

ARC - DECRA Fellow

School of Physics
The University of New South Wales

Email: g.tettamanzi@unsw.edu.au
Tel: (02) 9385 5591


Dr Giuseppe Carlo Tettamanzi is an ARC DECRA Fellow in the School of Physics at UNSW, with research interests including the ones related to the physics of Single Atom Transistors and of Ultra-Scaled Complementary-Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor (CMOS) compatible devices. Also, with an interest in innovative Single Atom based Transistor Geometries and in Silicon based Quantum Metrology, he collaborates strongly with leading experts in the Centre such as ARC Future Fellow Professor Sven Rogge, Professor David Norman Jamieson and Scientia Professor Andrew Dzurak.

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