Prof Geoff J. Pryde

Professor of Physics, Griffith University
Australian Research Council Future Fellowship
BSc (Hons I and Medal) Queensland, PhD Australian National

Program Manager

Centre for Quantum Computation & Communication Technology
Griffith University
Nathan QLD 4111

Tel: (07) 3735 7894


Geoff has substantial research experience in the areas of experimental quantum optics and quantum information, and coherent dynamics of ions in solids. He demonstrated one of the first all-optical controlled- NOT gates, and has extended his quantum optics research to numerous quantum information and quantum measurement problems. After postdoctoral and research fellowship positions at Montana State University and the University of Queensland, Geoff joined Griffith University at the beginning of 2006, where he established the Quantum Optics and Information Laboratory. Geoff is investigating optical resources for quantum information processing, quantum communications, quantum measurement and other quantum technologies. He is an ARC Future Fellow and the winner of the 2014 Pawsey Medal of the Australian Academy of Science.

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