Process Tomography of a Silicon Quantum Memory

Mr Solomon Freer
University of New South Wales
4pm Thursday 29 January 2015
Conference Room, 2nd Floor Newton Building, UNSW

Long coherence times and fast manipulation are two desirable qualities of a qubit that for many systems are mutually incompatible. Storing quantum information in an ancillary qubit, i.e. a `quantum memory', is a strategy to address this issue. It is a advantageous property of donor impurities in silicon to have qubits of both qualities in a single lattice site. This talk will present results of the storage and retrieval of quantum information from a single donor electron spin to its host phosphorus nucleus in isotopically-enriched $^{28}$Si. We demonstrate a high fidelity memory process characterised via both state and process tomography. A tutorial-style introduction to state and process tomography will precede the results.