The art of science of art of science of..

Mr Steve Durbach
Sid Sledge
4pm Thursday 3 September 2015
Conference Room, 2nd Floor Newton Building, UNSW

I am an artist with a background in science. The art I make is inspired by scientific theories and thinking, and engaging with scientists across different fields and exploring their ideas is a key catalyst for my work. Having had the pleasure of meeting and talking with several members of this group, I got a sense of the extraordinary work being done here. I was fascinated by the idea that the uncertainty of an electron spinning in the context of a quantum dot could be harnessed to yield something as seemingly rigid as computational ability – where the very unpredictability of the system could be used to solve problems – and with orders of magnitude more capacity than current computers. The artworks I have subsequently been developing have, at their core, the idea of trying to harness Uncertainty. The work to date includes experiments involving measuring a rotating / spinning metaphorical electron; building models of atoms that measure themselves; as well as trying to tap into the properties of waves, especially those that spin periodically in and out of phase. I am hoping this project leads to further conversations, exhibitions and ideas that may unlock other ways to think about a scientific discourse.