Centre updates

Journal edited by Prof Simmons enters JCR as highest ranked in quantum information

npj Quantum Information (npjQI), edited by CQC2T Director Prof Michelle Simmons, has entered the highly regarded Journal Citation Report (login required) as the top ranked quantum information journal with an impact factor of 9.111.

npjQI is the first Nature Partner Journal to be published in Australia, and was launched by Minister for Education Christopher Pyne. The open source, multidisciplinary journal is published in partnership with UNSW Sydney and CQC2T.

The most viewed and shared articles since the first issue in October 2015 include Quantum algorithms: an overview, Majorana zero modes and topological quantum computation and Demonstration of a quantum advantage in machine learning.

Read UNSW's announcement at the university Newsroom.

Paper by Scott Lillie highlighted in Nature Nanotechnology

A recent paper by Scott Lillie from CQC2T's Melbourne node has been featured as a research highlight in the latest edition of Nature Nanotechnology. The paper on coherent control of a spin qubit in diamond, published in Physical Review Letters, was also selected as an Editor's Suggestion.

EMR schematic for driving of substitutional nitrogen (P1) centre electron spins (red) in bulk diamond. P1 centre nuclear spins (gray) lead to hyperfine splitting of the electron spin transition. Credit: Lillie et al

Read the full paper at Physical Review Letters.